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Site Credits

Credit where it's due.


The Artists

First and foremost, we owe credit to every single one of the artists who's material is present on this website. Since we run a business that sells their work, it's only right that these talented individuals get first shout! If not for all of you, this website simply wouldn't exist. Thank you for continuing to produce some of Ireland's greatest treasures.


We use two icons that require rightful attribution.

Reporter by Blake Kimmel from the Noun Project

Artwork by Cornelius Danger from the Noun Project

Makers & Technology

PixelmodifiedDesigner & Developer

This website is designed, built and hosted by Pixelmodified in Kilrea, Northern Ireland.

PerchContent Management

We use efficient software called Perch that's been customised to deliver the core functionality of this website.


This website has been built with some of the latest technologies available. It's fundamentals are built using PHP but it also relies on a modern web browser to run HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript efficiently.


For the most optimal experience we recommend using Safari or Chrome on a Mac or Firefox on a PC. The site has been optimised to run on iPhone and iPad. Your experience on other devices and browsers may vary.